A Joyous Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

Interfaith Thanksgiving returns to Eden Prairie by Patty Dexter, Eden Prairie News, November 20, 2017   Photos by Patty Dexter The Interfaith Circle hosted its Interfaith Thanksgiving Gathering on Saturday, Nov. 18, at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie. Natasha Babvani, Rishma Adam and Anya Adam of Bloomington welcomed community members to the Interfaith Thanksgiving.… Continue reading A Joyous Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

“Love your neighbor…” says just about everybody!

Almost every religion and ethical system on this beautiful shared planet of ours, holds love for one’s neighbor as a centerpiece.  The great sage of the Talmud, Rabbi Hillel, was approached by a gentile who wanted to convert to Judaism. The man explained that he would accept Judaism only if the Rabbi could teach him… Continue reading “Love your neighbor…” says just about everybody!