In the Interfaith Circle, we come together with our neighbors to learn and grow in harmony and peace. We celebrate our diversity, learn about the faith traditions in which we are each grounded, and serve the greater community through collective action.

Interfaith Circle Convenes People to:

We celebrate the values we share and deepen our understanding of each other through a special gathering in the Thanksgiving season. This takes the form of either an experience in which people encounter each other’s cultures or prayer practices (usually around a common theme, such as gratitude) or through a large gathering for conversation called a “world café.” This year’s theme is Building Bridges.

We learn together through visits to a wide range of faith homes and congregations, and engage and explore each other’s traditions and beliefs.

We serve together to address the needs of the greater community out of our mutually held commitment to the common good.

Interfaith Circle Board
Saleem Adam
Joan Howe-Pullis
Shehla Mushtaq
Shari Steffen
Sarah Steichen Stiles
Trish Sullivan Vanni