A Joyous Interfaith Circle Evening

Interfaith Thanksgiving returns to Eden Prairie

by Patty Dexter, Eden Prairie News, November 20, 2017

Photos by Patty Dexter

The Interfaith Circle hosted its Interfaith Thanksgiving Gathering on Saturday, Nov. 18, at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie.

Natasha, Rishma, Anya

Natasha Babvani, Rishma Adam and Anya Adam of Bloomington welcomed community members to the Interfaith Thanksgiving.

The event made its return after a roughly three-year hiatus. The event had been organized by a committee of people from different faith communities, and Pax Christi Catholic Community hosted it for several years.

Interfaith Circle decided to organize the Interfaith Thanksgiving this year after several people asked the group to bring it back.

Ramin Mirza
Ramin Mirza, 11, of Eden Prairie poses for a photo before the Interfaith Thanksgiving. Ramin, representing the Muslim community, chanted the traditional call to prayer, along with the ringing of bells and the sounding of the shofar.  

This year’s event had participation from multiple faith communities including St. Andrew Lutheran Church, the Muslim community, Pax Christi, the Baha’i’ community, Ecumenical Catholic Communion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Chinmaya Hindu community. The presentations included choir performances, readings and a choreographed dance performance.

Mary Alice Hutton

Mary Alice Hutton performs “Peace in Our Time” with the Pax Christi Catholic Community Bell Choir.
One Dance CompanyDancers from One Dance Company perform a piece choreographed by Maura Bremer.

Pax Christi Catholic Community Bell Choir

Pax Christi Catholic Community Bell Choir performs Peace in Our Time under the direction of Interfaith Circle Board Member Shari Steffen.

Steve Lonning

Steve Lonning of the Bahai Community reads a passage called “Love.”

Awake My Soul

Pastor Matthew Ian Fleming, Tim Graf and Corwin Holk of St. Andrew Lutheran Church sing “Awake My Soul.”

Pax Christi Catholic Community Choir members sing “Who is the Alien?” by Lori True and conducted by Donna Kasbohm, Worship Director.

Take time to be holy

Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints Choir perform “Take Time to Be Holy.”

Atman Jahagirdar

Atman Jahagirdar speaks about the commonalities between faith traditions.

A Place Called Home

Attendees join in singing Michael Joncas’ “A Place Called Home” to conclude the event.

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